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Experience: The Unmistakable Advantage

Since its founding in 1968, CCFJ Translation Center has been providing translation services principally in the fields of technology, law, and finance. We began by providing translations for Japanese factories in Africa and for Japanese branches of French enterprises. As times changed, however, we set out to meet the demand for translations in a broader range of fields. Today, we count among our clients a variety of government bodies, think tanks, banks, international trading companies, electronics companies, and machinery manufacturers. We meet a steady demand for translations of English, French, and other principal European and Asian languages, as well as for DTP-based document production services.

A Clear Commitment to Quality

At CCFJ, quality is the sine qua non of document translation. Our translations - even when produced under a tight deadline - must meet high standards of quality before being placed in the client’s hands. We take great pride in our ability to derive the essential meaning, and we deliver no document until it has undergone a systematic verification to eliminate any ambiguity and to ensure appropriate style, correct terminology, clarity, and proper layout. This commitment to quality has earned us the unwavering confidence of our demanding clientele.


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